Our Time and Attendance solution delivers the functionality and flexibility to support the time management requirements of your organization. Our software automates the following:

  • Exception reporting
  • Benefit/accruals
  • Union contracts
  • Work and pay rules
  • Automatically applies your rules for rounding, overtime, shifts and premiums
  • Special reports make it easy to spot and resolve problems such absenteeism, tardiness and unusual occurrences
  • System will alert your manager to potential overtime situations
  • Master file synchronization interfaces
  • Payroll and ERP interfaces

ATS Time and Attendance system provides access capabilities to all employee information. Our system allows an employer to monitor any violation of its work rules and take the appropriate steps to resolve the problem prior to incurring further inefficiencies and/or the production of an inaccurate pay cheque. Overall, productivity and efficiency increases, and costs are drastically reduced. The return on investment on an ATS system is significant.


ATS offers a variety of data collectors. Depending on your industry, there a host of factors that will determine which data collector is best suited for your company. These data collectors are scalable with ATS Systems. View Products

Time and Attendance

ATS Time and Attendance system automates time and labor processes to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Our system can automate 100% of a company's complex pay rules. Learn more...

Workforce Solutions

Small companies strive to meet many of the same workforce objectives as large enterprises: deploying their people effectively and proactively, paying employees accurately and on time, and measuring and improving the effectiveness of their workforces. Learn more...

Premium Data Collectors

ATS has sourced North America's leading supplier of data collection devices to bring you the best product. Learn more...

Data Integration

One of the most popular requests by our customers is a payroll interface. This is a process through which hours are sent electronically (weekly, bi-weekly etc) to a payroll (software) provider without having to key in those hours manually. Learn more...