Time and Attendance


ATS Time and Attendance system automates time and labor processes to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Our system can automate 100% of a company’s complex pay rules. The solution integrates seamlessly with our data collection devices.

Pay Calculations and Policies
Automates overtime, shifts, holiday, job rates, and premium pay policies.

Attendance Management
Maintains a detailed attendance history for each employee, automatically monitoring employee attendance and notifying Supervisors when action is required.

Schedule employees in a variety of ways to meet job and service level requirements.

Workforce Management Reports
Provides customized reports to aid decision making.

Labor Distribution
Track time against departments, work orders, or other fields.

Workforce Absence Request
Track time against departments, work orders, or other fields.

Track and calculate hours earned for vacation, lieu days, vacation, sick days etc.

Workforce Overtime Equalization
With this module, Supervisors and managers share a concrete and objective way to allocate overtime hours