ATS offers a variety of data collectors. Depending on your industry, there a host of factors that will determine which data collector is best suited for your company. These data collectors are scalable with ATS Systems.

Automated Time Clocks

Time clocks are primarily used to record employee attendance. The “honor system” of using hand written time cards is unreliable, inaccurate, and can waste thousands of dollars in extra labor costs because of extra time being claimed. Traditional Punch clocks also offer legal protection by providing documentation that proves what hours have and have not been worked.

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Biometric Data Collectors

Biometric identification is the automatic assessment of a unique body feature or personal action. Biometric systems are superior because they provide a nontransferable means of identifying people, not just cards or badges. Learn more

The Hand Punch uses field-proven hand geometry biometric technology. The terminal captures a three-dimensional image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand's size and the shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized.

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