ATS Packaging Solutions

Industries include: Mill Products, Building Materials, Fabricated Metal Products, Pulp and Paper, Textile, Plastics, Packaging, Primary Metals and Building Materials

The ATS Solution is an integrated, workforce management solution that enables business processes across the entire mill products enterprise. Our solution empowers you to integrate commercial, manufacturing, and financial processes – so you gain full visibility into operations, manufacturing, customers, suppliers, and finance.

The ATS Benefits:

Companies of all sizes are impacted in a variety of ways by ATS workforce management system. By reducing the administrative burden of workflow and schedule creation, productivity is increased; associates and store managers are able to spend more time with customers. By leveraging an optimized s
chedule, resources are accurately mapped to forecasted customer demand. Having the appropriate number of associates in the store will improve the customer experience, and improve conversion rates.

Many large-scale organizations still manage basic employee processes – planning, scheduling, payroll and employee communication – inefficiently, inaccurately, and manually. With ATS Workforce Management Solutions, our customers are eliminating the inefficiencies in managing their workforce and more accurately scheduling employees. This transformation of workforce operations allows the organization to reduce unnecessary payments, improve productivity, and boost employee morale.

The ATS solution delivers real time activity based costing and helps to govern and automate the entire process from punch to pay. The pay rules library and flexibility allows for 100% automation of rules without costly changes to core code. Hours and wage rule compliance is consistent and automated with alerts when a threshold for violation is approached – providing proactive reconciliation. The self-service capability of time and attendance increases productivity as employees and managers spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time focusing on customers.