Collecting time and attendance just got a lot better

Whether you run payroll weekly, biweekly or monthly, ATS will help you capture accurate punch times and dates by having your employees simply swipe their ID badges through one of our terminals. Either way, there are no more paper cards to handle. Instead, the stored punch transactions are electronically transmitted to your time and attendance system software, automatically or on demand. Eliminating manual data entry, costly transcription errors, and time spent interpreting cards results in a quick pay back on your investment.

Say goodbye to paper timecards - Customize your data input

Collecting this valuable information is easy. The terminal’s programmable function keys guide employees through data entry. These prompts are downloaded from your time and attendance software residing on your PC.

Retrieve data and make adjustments right at the terminal

Your employees will no longer have to ask supervisors or call Human Resources for their attendance information. Instead, right at the terminal, they can quickly review their last punch, accumulated hours, or work schedule – even receive employee-specific supervisor messages.

More information, collected more efficiently

In addition to standard “in” and “out” punches, these advanced terminals also let you track employee time on specific jobs, as well as department transfers, allowing the software to accurately charge that time to appropriate cost centers. Employees simply touch a function key and select the new job or department transfer number. Additional data can be captured at the terminal level too, such as special pay types (vacation, sick time, etc.)