The ATS-100 badge reader with its metal case and sealed keypad is designed to be mounted in harsh industrial environments. It is suited for work sites with 25 to 1000 employees. The ATS-100 collects stores and forwards data about employee hours worked. It offers data validation and has programmable prompts.

The system’s power requirements are 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Watts. Its plug-in power pack converts to low voltage AC. The major features this reader offers are:

  • Customized prompts for the collection of labor allocation and attendance data.
  • Ability to collect “raw data” enables integration to other applications such as piece work, job costing etc.
  • Integration with a variety of input tools such as bar code wands, key pads, magnetic stripe badges or combinations of these inputs.
  • Five year battery backup.
  • An integral Bell modem with auto answer.
  • Memory full warning.
  • Customized keypad kit.
  • Reader options such as a bar code wand, wand holder, uninterruptible power supply and bell ringer.
  • One year standard return to depot warranty.
  • Choice of Bar Code or Magnetic Stripe reader for employee swipe cards.